Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Destination Home Decor

Based on my last post on Indo-Home Blogs, this post will introduce to my favourite home decor shopping destinations.
From candles, kitchen ware, accents, furniture and more, I always try and browse through the below sites to see what's new.
With Diwali approaching and Christmas not being too far, I am sure we all want to show some love for our homes. It does not have to always be an expensive make over but even small things like having vibrant cushion covers and changing the sheets adds a new dimension to your home and makes the atmosphere festive.

I always believe having indoor plants is a great way to start bringing in some freshness in your home. Personally, I regularly try and change some small things like my table runner, or just the centre table piece, and not always by spending a bomb. Sometimes a visit to the nearest Dollar Store will also give you great home decor ideas. You only need to have the eye for it. Hope you enjoy browsing through the below links.
Feel festive!

FabIndia (India, Offers International Shipping)
This place doesn't need any introduction. Love their cotton dhurries (thought always dry clean, as the color runs outin wet wash). They have an interesting range of bed sheets, rugs and cushion covers too. Sometimes you will find some earthen ceramic crockery and love their floral design water jug.

Goodearth (India, Offers International Shipping)
Good Earth is bit on the expensive side but their stuff is classy.

Chumbak (meaning Magnet) (India)
Started as an online store with funky phone covers and accessories, Chumbak has grown to become one of the most loved brands by the youth, for their apparel collection and home decor. You can check out their whole collection online or even visit their stores. They are open to shipping internationally for bulk orders.

The Bombay Store, is an updated version of the Swadeshi Store, which promotes the works and talent of local artisans. Love their brass accessories and paintings. Great variety at very affordable prices.(They do not have an online store yet, but you can always check out their massive stores across India, mainly at the international airports and big metro city shopping areas)

Haveli Home (Toronto, Canada)
Haveli Home is a great destination if you want to personally go and shop for Indian antique furniture and decor accessories. Located in the heart of the city, it is very convenient to reach this place by subway or car. Do not miss their blog when you browse through their website.

India Sajawat and Puja Hut (Bramtopn, Canada)
Among the various Indian stores available in Brampton, India Sajawat and Puja Hut is my favourite. Apart from religious idols, incense and other things needed for worship, this shop offers some unique funriture items from different states of India, along with traditional costumes and apparel. If you are not into idol worship, bring home other brass decors of characters from Indian Mythology.

Little India, Gerrard Street. (Toronto, Canada)
As the name implies, Gerrard Street has a wide range of stores offering anything you can call Indian.

Apart from the stores mentioned above, there are many small set ups you can pass through in the local market and also there are famous by lanes housing everything you can call Decor.This is very common no matter where you stay.
Chor Bazaar, in Mumbai, India is a great example of this, where you will find antiques from any corner of the world.
Among the bigger brands in Canada, Sears, Home Sense and Winners are good for home decor too. Winners also has a special Indian Collection in display with stuff from The Elephant Company, along with other Made in India products.

Hope you enjoyed this read.

IMAGE COURTESY: google.com