Monday, 24 October 2016

Smart Shopper - For Newcomers in Canada

Hello readers,
Here is presenting to you my next post in the series :Toronto. As we know, hundreds of people from all over the world land into Canada, to start a new life. Along with the excitement of settling into a new country, there are many challenges we face, the biggest one of all being FINANCES. The first thing one prioritizes is to get a job and create means to become financially secure.
One evening over a cup of tea with my friend Ashwini, she suggested why not I write about the  smart ways of shopping in Canada, mainly for newcomers. 
An immigrant myself, I do understand that when we move, we use all our savings to settle in the country. So we have to be very wise and make sure every penny is used to its best worth. When I came here, I had my husband to guide me with things, however not everyone is as fortunate. 
Hope these few basic tips, help you become a smart shopper.

For domestic requirements, from groceries, toiletries and other utilities, the best way is to collect flyers. You may find them in the local area supermarkets and sometimes even the building/condominium you are living in will give you some. With a few big supermarkets available, it is easy to compare prices and get your best pick. You don't always need to go to the store offering the lowest price. You can go the nearest store and show them the flyer and they shall match the price for you. Isn't that smart? 

If you are looking to buy furniture, IKEA is the place to be for good quality, reasonable stuff. For students, the best way is to try and buy basic furniture from garage sales, online Buy and Sell Groups or browse through Kijiji Like furniture, Cars too have a online platform available: Autotrader.

With regards to fashion requirements, home decor, electronics and more, the annual sales mainly held during Spring, Thanksgiving and Christmas have good deals. The Boxing Day sale on December 26th, beats them all and has deals to die for. I know of friends who have stood in the line for hours, to get that TV they were eyeing for, from months, but waited for Boxing Day to purchase it.

For other times of the year, I would suggest to visit the Outlet Malls rather than the regular retail outlets if you are looking to buy brands. 

As we know Canada is a place where you need proper winter clothing to keep yourselves warm. However this can pinch your pocket a bit, in case it is your first time. The best time to buy winter wear is during the beginning of Spring, where a lot of items are on sale. Look carefully and you can have the best deal!

If you are big into online shopping, Amazon, JustFab, Wayfair are a few websites with decent deals. However, be smart on how you can minimize the shipping charges.

Hope this read helps you save a few dollars!