Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Indo - Chinese Restaurants in Toronto

Indo-Chinese is a cuisine in itself, developed by a small Chinese community settled in Kolkata, India. It is basically a variation of Chinese food, with added spices and flavors, commonly used in Indian cooking.

In western countries, this cuisine is also known as Hakka Chinese. If you are looking to try something different from authentic Chinese, the below restaurants are great to visit and even easy on the pocket.

Low prices, quick service and large portions are synonymous to Hakka Chinese restaurants in Toronto.

1. Faley Restaurant

One of my favorites, Faley is owned by a Chinese from Kolkata since 1999. Located in Etobicoke and Thornhill, this place is not attractive and doesn't have a great ambiance but has food to die for. Their menu has a wide variety of non-veg options and If you are a vegetarian, you may be disappointed. However I would still suggest you at try their Veg Chilly Paneer (Cottage Cheese) and Fried Rice. They also offer home delivery services for orders above $10. Faley has also featured on Food Network where Great Canadian Cookbook’s Noah Cappe visited Faley and tried their top selling delicaciesCheck out the link below.

 2. Hakka Cottage

A few blocks away from Faley, Hakka Cottage has recently opened and has a menu similar to that of Faley's. I prefer it over Faley when I am in a mood to try newer options in Vegetarian as they have a wider choice available. Run by a Chinese couple, the place has a warm ambiance and is extremely hygienic. They even offer Lunch and Dinner specials.

3. Wangs Kitchen

Wangs kitchen claims to serve you a Fusion of Culture and Taste. Located in Missisauga, it is a cozy restaurant offering some lip smacking Indo-Chinese food. It offers a 10% discount if ordered online. Also offers recipes in Jain and Swaminarayan 

4. Eddie Wok and Roll

Eddie Wok and Roll serves Indo Chinese and Thai food. Can seat 100 people at a time and has an ambiance offering the feel of Fine Dining. Also offers recipes in Jain and Swaminarayan.

Apart the ones mentioned above, you can also check the below link for Indo Chinese restaurants.

Please leave a comment of any of the restaurants you visit, that you came across through this blog post.

So when are you making your next visit?

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