Friday, 4 November 2016

The Job Hunt - For Newcomers in Canada

Moving to a new country, comes with not only a lot of baggage and excitement but also anxiety and insecurities related to settling down in the new place. 'Settling Down' in this context literally means being financially secure.Whether you come as a student or a professional, getting a job in your choice of career is the first to do things on everyone's checklist.

With this post, I would like to share my personal experience and provide a few tips on how to land up with a good job in Canada, at least in the major cities. 

I am a media professional and came to Canada, with four years of experience in the television industry. The media landscape is not as wide here as in India and I knew it would be challenging to find a job without any local qualification. Hence I decided to go back to school for a year and pursue a Postgraduate diploma in my field. I made sure the course offered an internship / co-op as a part of the curriculum, and this made it easy for me to enter the job market. 

From this experience, I would like to share an important learning i.e. If you come to Canada as a student, enroll yourself in a course which will have an internship offered. This helps you network, build contacts and understand the requirements of the work culture here. The school you go to helps you with resume building, personal grooming and development, which makes you confident to go for an interview. In most of the cases. the school has their own job portal where you can search for the right opportunity. With thousands of students coming to Canada every year, you want to make sure to make the most out of every opportunity that knocks your door.

If you are a professional and wish to not pursue further education, online research is the most effective way to find a job. I have found all the jobs that I did in the media by simply applying on the companies website. Apart from this, approaching recruitment companies are also recommended.

I find the below websites very useful for job search. Enter your keywords and subscribe to their daily emails.
Apart from this, have a Linkedin profile and use the tools it provides to have the perfect profile. Linkedin Jobs is an app that helps you get the job you need and is one of the most trusted portals available today. Linkedin is also a great platform for networking. Whenever I have found a job of my interest, I have added a contact on Linkedin from that company and tried to start a conversation. The basic membership helps you add people easily and if you are looking for more services you can become a Premium Member for a nominal fee.

The first step after you find the appropriate job is to have a strong application package. Make sure your resume and cover letter are drafted to match the job requirements. 

Tips for Resume Building / Cover Letter

  • Make sure to have a template. 
  • Do a spell check, grammar check and complete alignment and formatting for the document.
  • Always send a PDF copy. Looks more professional. 
  • Have at least 3 references available (If possible have one from Canada)
  • Always add References Available on request and provide details only when asked
  • Use the correct date format / English language as per country  as used in the country.
  • Let your resume not be more than two pages and cover letter one page.

Hope this has article has been useful for you and you contact me if you need any guidance on your job search. 

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