Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Socialize Store: A Social Media Training Hub!

All big things come in small packages is a common saying and I will use this to describe my next feature on Ami Savla and her initiative Socialize Store. 

Ami has been a close friend for more than ten years and she always encouraged to do small things, which eventually led to bigger and better things in life.
This thought of her also led to the birth of Socialize Store, a social media training hub, for women entrepreneurs. Ami has always been passionate about leading initiatives for a larger good.

Over a year ago, she started this venture with an idea to educate and train women to use the social media platform to promote their business, no matter how big or small the scale is. The training includes an interactive session held by Ami herself, to become a social media expert and ease communication and brand building for your business.

Visit their FB page for more details and book your session today. Sessions can be organized virtually for women residing outside Mumbai.

Cheers to Women Entrepreneurship.